Workplace reaches 7m paid subscribers

by Julien Codorniou

More companies than ever are thinking about how to build community at work. Workplace is here to help them.

In an extraordinary year, it’s easy only to remember the pain and hardship so many have faced. But as people begin the journey back to normality - and as businesses make plans for a working world that will never be ‘normal’ again - there are some positives, too.

We’re closer with our colleagues, for one. We’ve seen their homes, we’ve met their families, and we’ve shared really important meetings with our pets.

But most notably, employers are realizing the need to create positive employee experiences. Business leaders are acknowledging that truly connecting with people in remote or hybrid working environments is business critical. And everyone understands that our most essential frontline workers are often those most exposed, and that connecting and supporting them is probably the most important thing of all.

7 million paid subscribers

So, as we announced on Facebook yesterday: "While we’re happy and proud that we’ve reached 7 million paid subscribers on Workplace, an increase of 40% in a year,1 it goes way beyond that.

"We’re excited because we believe this growth is an indicator that more and more companies are really thinking about how to build communities at work. How they can create great employee experiences. In short, how they can connect the unconnected.

Workplace customers

Workplace customers

"It’s a belief we hope our customers share. And in the past year we’ve welcomed companies including BT, C&A, English National Opera, Petco, Sephora, Virgin Australia and many more into the Workplace community."

The Workplace Effect

We think customers choose Workplace because we’re uniquely positioned to help people create a culture where everyone can share knowledge, work together and build community.

And we’ve already built a mixture of synchronous tools, like Live video, asynchronous tools like Groups and News Feed, and static content, like Knowledge Library - our lite version of the Intranet - to help them do it.

But in a world of work that will never be normal again, we’ll keep on building and announcing new features that help business leaders address the evolving needs of employees, everywhere.

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