System Admin Guide: Monitoring Engagement & Security

Learn how to use Insights to analyze and drive adoption and engagement on Workplace.

Take a deep dive into actionable data with the Insights section of the Admin Panel. Insights provides a rich way of tracking, measuring, and understanding the impact of Workplace usage on your organization. We recommend following these metrics to analyze and drive adoption and engagement on Workplace.
Insights contains 5 tabs:
  • People: Track how active your population is on Workplace during and after your launch.
  • Groups: Stay on top of group creation and activity across Workplace and in your most active groups.
  • Activity: Keep an eye on how much content your organization is producing and how many people are actively contributing.
  • Posts: Measure the impact of your communications with advanced post-level performance data.
  • Connections: See which teams and departments are collaborating and sharing across the organization.
Use the People tab to analyze adoption and activity in your organization. At the very top of the page, you’ll find high level metrics such as:
  • Invited: The number of profiles that have been pre-created with emails invites sent to join your organization on Workplace.
  • Activated: The number of people who have accepted the invite to join Workplace and have activated their profiles. You’re going to want this number to be 80% or higher.
  • Monthly Active: The number of people who were active on Workplace in the last 28 days.
  • Engaged: The number of people who were active on Workplace on at least 10 days of the last 28 days. Data shows that 85% of Retained people are still active after 6 months, so this metric is key to assessing the health of your Workplace after launch.
Take a deeper dive by looking at adoption and activity over time with custom date ranges, or analyzing across segments of your organization such as department, location, manager, and more.
You can also look at profile completion metrics such as profile pictures and manager adds. Profile completion is a good indicator of engagement. It helps create closer connections and a more personal experience on Workplace.
Finally, analyze activity on apps and platforms to see how people in your organization are using Workplace and Workplace Chat.
Analyze engagement by looking at content such as posts, comments, reactions, and messages. Look at content over time with custom date ranges, or filter to analyze activity based on profile fields like location, department and role.
Scroll down to find the most active people in your Workplace, and how many posts and comments they have made. Use this section to recognize top contributors for their high engagement levels.
Identify your most active groups and see a breakdown of groups at your organization by privacy setting (open, closed, secret) and type (teams & projects, discussion, social & more, etc). You can also analyze group activity over a custom time frame.
Gain insights on specific posts by inputting their URL in the Posts tab. You’ll be able to get an aggregated number of people who have seen the post, comments, and reactions. Use this section to get actionable data around your important announcements. Take a deep dive into what posts performed especially well in order to better tailor your content to meet your community’s needs.
Identify which teams or departments are collaborating and sharing ideas with others across the organization, and identify any silos and areas that may need more exposure.
A connection happens when two people interact with each other through a:
  • Post on a timeline
  • Comment on a post
  • Post view
  • Reaction to a post
  • Private message
Workplace makes it easy to get a full picture of the overall security health of your organization. Monitor accounts at risk, malware uploads blocked, profile data download requests, and log in issues, all from the Security page of the Admin Panel.